17 March, 2024

What a difference adding that branch apparently made.

V's repetitive running back and forth was disrupted almost completely and for the first time the two badgers interacted as one would expect, chasing each other playfully for minutes at a time, which was both a relief and a delight to see. She also spent time searching for scattered peanuts. I didn't expect such a dramatic change overnight. Will it last?

This clip of just under a minute shows quite a transformation.

Today they got fresh water in their drinking trough, some fresh straw for bedding (if it doesn't rain), and a wooden box to play on in lieu, for now, of some logs. In addition, no dishes of food, just some scattered peanuts and a couple of dead baby chicks. They have been indifferent to food for quite a while on emergence and have even skipped meals, a sign perhaps of being a bit too well fed. Some random variation in availability of food, as they'd experience in the wild, will sharpen their appetites and foraging instincts.

Their preferred entrance to the sett now looks quite occupied.

The collapsed tunnel is now a new main entrance.