19 March, 2024

The badgers haven't returned for food and I suspect it's unlikely we'll see them again. More accurately, we wouldn't even recognise them if we did. Even badgers recognise each other by smell. Ordinarily our chances of recognising one is quite small.

I did find some new "nosings" in the wood not far from the enclosure:

Some badger nosings in the wood; more can be seen in the middle distance

It's impossible to say for sure if these excavations were done by V or T or by one of our visitors passing through. However, the CCTV showed no sign of the latter until the following night. That night a badger arrived at point I have a camera and then spent a lot of time sniffing and scent marking the ground as if it realised it had encountered another badger's territory, after which it left the way it had come--rather than passing through the wood as usual. No badger had passed that way, on camera anyway, in the previous two nights, so... who knows?