1 December 2013

The badgers have had a full calendar month in their new home. They had a quiet night again last night, just mooching around the woods and seemingly staying close to the sett -- they didn't go near the camera in the woods. There was no more digging or dragging in bedding, and no sign of the cat.

They came home together at 5:08 (latest yet), having been out since 19:39. It drizzled very briefly in the early hours but was warm (7 degrees or so); weatherwise they continue to have a charmed life.

I've been burying some peanuts in hole at the base of a tree -- a hole created by a badger that is. I pour in about a quarter of cupful and then cover it up with soil and leaves. Neither the badgers nor I remember to check it every day but when I see that the hoard has been disinterred with enthusiasm I feel inclined to play the game again. At least one of them checks it out now and then, just in case. There are plenty of signs of the badgers finding their own food. They're still on a single dish of food, and now its back in the woods.