10 December 2013

I moved the sentinel dish--the one I've been moving progressively further away--further still, 150m or so from the sett, and this time put a camera on it.

When I get around to naming all the paths I'll call the place I left it Edgewood Road--the path along the edge of the wood.

The first video showed a badger coming along the path toward the sett just before 10PM. A visitor?! (This will happen some day) Or one of the badgers coming home from the field having exited the wood at the near corner? Or had it passed so fast on the outward journey that the camera missed it? Judging by the to-ing and fro-ing it seems this path is now on their map and that they are exiting the woods at the closest point some of the time.

The badgers retired at 3:31 after dawdling around the main entrance of the sett for a little while.

Badgers coming and going on "Edgewood Road", scent marking as they go to mark their expanding territory. They ate the food in the dish later.