11 December 2013

The badgers were out from 23:49 to 5:35 (a new latest time). At first it didn't seem they had been up to anything interesting.

However, a closer look at the video clips revealed that one was recorded passing the camera on Edgwood Road only 6 minutes after emerging from the sett. It passed in a hurry, pausing briefly to scent mark a spot that seems already to be an obligatory marking spot when passing either way, and which just happens to be the place I put a dish last night. It didn't return the same way and was back at the sett not long afterwards.

A likely explanation for this is that the badger was heading off to visit a latrine before returning to the sett to do what badgers -- socialise, do some digging, attend to the bedding etc. before going in search of food.

I've been along the path recently and seen a few signs of badger noses being poked into leaf litter but haven't come across an obvious badger latrine. The location of the latrine is significant as it marks an edge of their territory. This will change as they explore further but they may have reached the limit of what they will claim as theirs this winter.