13 November 2013

Only one dish of food was eaten last night -- the first time that's happened. It was placed at the far end of the enclosure, away from the sett, and was either not found or was ignored. The badgers seem to search the entire enclosure for fresh things to eat before knocking the rocks and planks off their dishes (one dead tree has had a lot of bark removed and has presumably been stripped of some grubs too) so it would be surprising if they didn't find it.

It appeared later from the video evidence that they had stayed in (--in their newly comfortable bed?) until after midnight. Most of the few clips showed only one badger, so it was a relief eventually, to see them both at about 1AM. It was quite windy but otherwise there was nothing very different about last night -- no obvious reason for them to stay in.

The board over the original set entrance has been lifted at one end, partly as a transition to removing it and partly as further excavations have made the entrance a bit like a letterbox -- enough that bedding was brought the long way round to the other entrance last night.