14 March, 2024

The badgers emerged just after midnight on an initially dry and windy night. They first stuck their heads out from the depression visible to the left of the white rock beside the "bath" (at 11 o'clock) below, like striped periscopes, then surprising bulk of the rest of them followed. Both explored calmly without very much interaction apart from a little bit of chasing – it did look as if one solicited chases but without much luck.

It was a relief not to see quite as much of the endlessly repetitious behaviour on the part of one of them this time, though they didn't stay out very long. They had disappeared back underground by 2AM by which time it had been raining for some time.

March is the earliest month the sett has been occupied and the vegetation around it at this time of the year is still very bare, with not much in the way of bulbs and insect larvae and other treats for a badger possibly tired of the old dog rations.

However, we were able to bring a familiar "toy" from their old quarters today, having returned the carrier used to deliver them to Kildare Wildlife Rescue. Next, I'll add some logs when I can–badgers enjoy climbing and scratching their nails on them.

Some pipe from their old quarters (an indoor pen in a stable block)