16 December 2013

A bit of a replay for Benji last night, with some milder weather.

The fox showed up and cirled the dish a few times at about 19:15 but didn't dare attempt to get the cover off. Benji had just managed to do so a few hours later when Róisín showed up and shoved him aside and tucked in.

Benji waited patiently. He scratched himself, looked hopefully under the board a few times, had another scratch, waited some more (most of the waiting is edited out of the video to keep it short). Finally, he put a paw across Róisín's back, then he climbed over her and tried from the other side. She left him very little.

Neither is in any danger of starvation but his timidity is a bit surprising. She was 200g heavier when they arrived. By now she must be quite a bit heavier. It's possible she's pregnant, but unlikely (2 is a more common age at which to breed). She's probably just greedy. At least they are foraging for additional food.

Róisín gets the lion's share. A dry night means... another load of bedding!