17 December 2013

A rather similar day to yesterday. The fox spent quite a long time smelling the path on Edgewood Road in the spot where the badgers had been pausing to scent mark. He visited the sett at 21:20 and was a bit bolder this time: he tried to bite a corner of the board covering the dish, but he was as nervous as ever and soon left, disappointed again.

The badgers emerged from the rear entrance at 21:54 and this time Benji was a bit less diffident about eating. They ate side by side for several minutes, Benji eating fastidiously and Róisín as if she might never eat again, as usual. Something frightened them and they dashed into the sett at 22:01 and spent the rest of the night below ground apart from a few minutes later in the night (00:49 to 00:53).