2 November 2013

It was a much colder night last night—5 degrees by about 10PM. The badgers weren’t as frisky as the night before and one seemed reluctant to venture out (first out at 19:36). We can’t tell them apart to look at, but one is clearly a bit bossy and one a bit timid.

We think that the more confident one got first dibs on both dishes of food, but there was plenty for both and both did eat at length and very unhurriedly (no wolfing stuff down like dogs). We thought that one took food back to the sett at one point – possibly a quail – and re-emerged much later. I’ve never seen badgers do that, nor do I recall reading about it (interested to know if they did it in Kildare).

The 2nd entrance got a bit more excavation.

They either went to bed early or were off camera after about 1:30AM, probably the latter.