29 August 2016

For months I've wondered if our badgers were visiting our wood by coming under a nearby gate and crossing the road.

I put a camera up a tree at two different locations to try to record them doing so but the the distance proved too great for night-time recording.

Putting a trailcam directly over the path from the road into the wood was no better, principally because its reaction time was too slow and the infrared light was too bright for the distance, so I still don't know even from which direction they're coming.

Two days ago the gate was removed and a wire fence installed, with only a couple of inches or so between it and the ground. It looked as if it might be badger-proof.

Happily, a badger visited last night. Either the fence isn't impassable to badgers or they're coming another way.

Here's a selection of this month's visits, ending with last night's:

The clips are unremarkable in themselves, but proof that we still have badgers around is satisfying in itself.