29 November 2013

The badgers stayed in last night, mostly. One worked on some underground renovations and appeared at the rear sett entrance periodically, reversing out some soil. A little digging in for the winter perhaps.

The furthest dish, left untouched from the night before, was rotated with the near one so that the contents wouldn't be too unappetising by the time they looked at it -- these badgers like their cat biscuits crispy! However, they weren't having any of it. Both dishes sat there all night.

At one point the black cat who has visited on occasion for some leftovers sniffed around the dish near the set and then sat outside the sett and looked in the way some cats sit by the fridge at 6PM. Neither cat nor badger have come face to face or even backside to face, as might have been more likely last night, but no doubt their noses keep them more informed than cameras may suggest.