30 December 2013

No videos and just three photos at the sett overnight: one of the badgers near the dish of food (not finished) between 4:11 and 4:19. It was a windy night and quite cold. They may have stayed in much of the night.

Two more overhead photos of the motelier at his latrine at 1:50 and 4:03, heading away from and toward his new digs, respectively. I had a camera on the rear entrance of the motel for the last couple of nights but he didn't use it. When I removed it today the place stunk of fox.

Has he stayed and started using his latrine just to assert his claim to this part of his territory? Or might he be interested in arranging a rendezvous with the nubile young Róisín, whose presence he's surely aware of now?

We shall see. In 2014.