4 November 2013

Highlights from last nights high jinks recorded on camera include one badger flopping onto some straw and scratching, showing off a new tattoo. There were some explorations on top of the board over the set and some languorous starwatching, i.e., lying completely flat on one’s back in the leaves and having a very relaxed scratch -- which included watching someone else eating from an upside down perspective.

They’re not competitive about food, apart from Benji (I think), sneaking off with quail to eat them underground (not seen last night, or rather, not recorded). The dishes are not searched for on emergence – we move them around – and they eat at different times. They must be less hungry than wild badgers. They may not eat for a couple of hours and sometimes pass food, register it, and come back later. Pears (pears!) can now be added to the list of apples and acorns that just aren’t yummy enough. (Am I allowed eat badger leftovers? I pinched a few peanuts when the chef wasn’t watching).

Latrine used again. No digging at the sett. Some fresh straw disappeared, though one bundle might have been simply scattered with shenanigans outside the sett. Pity that camera doesn’t have sound.

Benji shows off his tattoo: 7654 (the last 4 digits of his RFID chip).